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Bananí  is specialized in training and personal development services. We offer you differentiate programs of training as well as courses, speeches and other activities for personal development. Since we strive for a highly efficient personalized services, we adjust according to your needs, plans and objectives. Then, we develop taylor-made programs for your company.

Below are some trainings & courses we can design/adjust  for you:

Brazilian Culture for foreigners


Our objective in this welcome package for ex-pats is to make their life easier in adapting to the Brazilian culture professionally and privately.  How can that happen? You start understanding the differences among countries by learning the concepts of culture and listening to personal experiences from other ex-pats.

To enlighten this program, there will be presentations, workshops and outdoor activities to comprehend the Brazilian history, habits and day-to-day lifestyle.

Intercultural understanding


Banani developed this program thinking of the Brazilian employees that work with foreigner in multi-national companies. Our idea is to encourage them to learn more about the other country’s culture. As a result we expect them to better interact with each other being more flexible and helpfull.

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