Guapi Assu Bird Lodge is situated in the Atlantic Forest, south-east Brazil. Located within its own private 6.740 hectare reserve, the lodge overlooks the beautiful forested slopes of the Serra dos Orgaos mountains and has excellent access to low and high altitude forest as well as important restored wetlands. This variety of habitat supports a huge diversity of birds and other wildlife. 448 bird species have been recorded so far at the Lodge.
Guapi Assu Bird Lodge is part of the Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu (REGUA) project, set up to help ensure the long term conservation of the biodiveristy of the Atlantic Rainforest.




Serra dos Tucanos is a small lodge within the 46,000ha Tres Picos State Park in the heart of the Atlantic rain forest, south-east Brazil. The Atlantic Forest supports 680 of Brazil´s 1700 bird species and contains some of the highest bird endemism anywhere.
Serra dos Tucanos Lodge is situated only one and a half hour drive from the International airport in Rio de Janeiro. Stunning surroundings and comfortable accommodation makes the perfect match to explore its 190 species that have already been recorded in the grounds, which 59 are endemics.

The Pantanal of Mato Grosso, a vast grassy lowland at the heart of South America that is home to the greatest concentration of wildlife on the continent is the world’s largest freshwater wetland. I was declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
Located on the south of Cuiabá, the Lodge is reachable all year-round by car via the Transpantaneira Park Road and combines environmental harmony with comfort.

The Amazon is the world's most extensive tropical rainforest, extended to nine countries in South America - the majority of the Amazon Basin is found in Brazil, occupying around 55% of Brazil´s landmass. The Cristalino Jungle Lodge is nestled in a private forest reserve in the Southern Brazilian Amazon rainforest and it borders the Cristalino State Park. The lodge has become an internationally famous destination for nature lovers of all types, in particular birders and butterfly enthusiasts. Counting with 1.800 species of butterflies and 600 of birds, the Lodge is one of the world´s most special wild places, where there is a lot of endemism because of its river limits.

Serra da Bocaina - Régua - Rio de Janeiro

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