Welcome to the Land of Happiness!

Salvador was founded in 1549, has a spicy atmosphere present in every corner due to its joyful people and the city mixes the primitive and the modern in one place.

Due to its beauty and to a series of unique features, it has become a primary destination for international tourism.

Famous for its history, for the legacy left by people from other continents, for the religious syncretism and for its hospitable people, the capital of the state of Bahia has staged and has been the object of several studies, conducted by professionals from different fields.  

You’ve got to try it! Only those who come to Salvador can really feel this land!

Activities & tours

  • Candomblé (2 to 6hs)
  •  Pelourinho by night (5 to 6hs)
  •  Salvador by night (5 to 6hs)
  • Schooner at Baia de Todos os Santos (7hs)
  •  Urban Tour (3hs)
  •  Salvador city tour (7hs)
  •  Tamar Seaturtle Project (full day)
  •  Cachoeira Recôncavo (full day)
  • Capoeira introduction (3hs)
  • Folclore show (4hs)


Rio Vermelho - nearby Centro
Far from Centro - nearby beach
  • Hotel Sofitel
  • Hotel Catussaba Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte
  • Praia do Forte Eco Lodge
  • Pousada dos Artistas
  • Pousada Farol das Tartarugas

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