rio de janeiro

Cidade Maravilhosa

Rio de Janeiro is not only a large city with many beaches, the former capital, and the name of the state where the city is situated.

Most often it is associated with being the capital of samba, carnival and sandy beaches. It is also a bustling business city, a multicultural melting pot and a city situated in a beautiful natural environment.


One often hears that Brazil is a land of contrasts - and it certainly is - which can be observed in the natural, the cultural and the social environment around the city. In Rio de Janeiro it is possible to go from cooler mountain climate to hot tropical beaches in a few hours.

The Serra do Mar mountain range offers altitude rainforest and fields, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, and large rocky formations inviting you to activities such as hiking, river rafting, climbing, or just observing nature and wildlife.

At sea level we find the bustling city with all it has to offer in terms of nightlife, theaters, music, restaurants, shopping malls and museums, besides samba, beaches and sports activities such as football (soccer), surfing, climbing and hang gliding. Along the seashore, Rio de Janeiro boasts a fantastic coastline with beautiful bays, beaches and tropical inlands, some of them completely isolated and often integrated in the urban jungle.

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