A cozy and charming historical town

Situated between the sea and the rainforest covered mountains of Serra da Bocaina, 180 km along the coast from Rio de Janeiro.


Forgotten for 200 hundred years, Paraty was "rediscovered" in the 1970s and has been restored to its original colonial style of construction, when it was the main harbor for shipping gold and diamonds out of Brazil.

Nice hotels within the 300 year old buildings, fine restaurants and cafés, an entertaining night life with many cultural activities, within the setting of old, narrow cobblestone streets, make Paraty a charming attraction to any visitor.

There are also many daytime activities: within a 30 minute drive or boat-ride, one can be in a secluded waterfall or trail in the rainforest, or on a secluded beach with emerald green waters.

Paraty can also be the base for outings into the Bocaina mountains or to continue to Ilha Grande Island.

Activities & tours

Paraty is a small city, but there are a lot of programs to do around.
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We have selected the most comfortable and well located hotels in Paraty for your best stay in this small historical city. Contact us for reservations.

Historical Center Outside Historical Center
  • Picinguaba - Package 5 days & 4 nights
  • Pousada Corsário
  • Pousada Villas de Paraty
  • Pousada Villa Harmonia
  • Pousada Paisagem

City Tour

Schedule to combine.
Duration of 2 hours.

Different from other colonial cities, the architecture of Paraty has character, originality and definition, forming a harmonious architectural set of the XVIII century. Irregular sidewalk, thick decorated walls, colonial houses with drawn of worked iron, massonical culture take us back to the times of the colony. The city of Paraty is today a National Historical monument and Historic site of the Humanity declared by UNESCO, and still more, natural heritage for being 65% of the area of the city inside of the national park of the Mountain range of the Bocaina.

Our agency counts on a different City tour with bilingual guides (Portuguese / English / German / Italian / Spanish / French), who will tell you about the legends and histories of passed centuries, visiting churches (First, Saint Rita, Of the Rosary and Pains), museums, House of the Culture, old houses and workrooms.

This is a perfect stroll for filmings and photographs. The churches and the House of Culture charge an ingression tax (not enclosed in the tariff of the guide).


Saveiro tour with option for lunch

Regular departures: 10:00 - 11:00 - 12:00 a.m.
Duration: 5 hs.
Private departures according to your wish.

Paraty has 65 islands and hundreds of beaches of rare beauty, crystal clear and calm water, surrounded by the exuberant rainforest, which makes this place unforgettable. Great for snorkeling and swimming! Here we can see colorful fish, corals, and sea-stars.
Regular group cruises around Paraty Bay include three or four stops. Lunch is optional and can either be on board or in one of the islands.
Private cruise: lunch on board or in one of these islands: Konti, Catimbau or Ilha Rasa.
Stops during the Cruise: Praia da Lula, Praia Vermelha, Ilha Comprida, Ilha do Mantimento, Ilha do Algodão, Saco da Velha and others.

The Cruise includes tropical fruits and basic diving equipment free of charge.
We also offer different kinds of boats for private cruises: Traditional fishing boats, speedboats, sailboats with crew and catering services. 


Jeep Tour

Regular departs - 10:30 am
Duration - 6 hours

The Jeep Tour leaves Paraty for the National Park of the Mountain range of the Bocaina. After covering tracks in the way of the Atlantic rainforest, we will visit gorgeous waterfalls as the "Pedra Branca", the most beautiful of the region, which is a natural scene for photographic substances, localized inside the forest with all its untouched biodiversity. Excellent opportunity to observe a varied species of birds of the region and to have direct contact with the local flora including one of the biggest trees of the region, the Jequitibá.
After a short walk we will visit the Poço Inglês waterfall.
Later we will go in direction of the Penha village where we will see the waterfalls of Tobogão and the well of Tarzan. During the walk we will observe different types of plants such as bamboo, the bromélias, dormideiras and periquito chestnut, among others.
All the falls are great for swimming in clear pure water.
During the passage we can appreciate the panoramic sight of the mountain range and the Historical city. We will also visit the still D´Ouro Device to know the artisan method of cachaça-making and degustation with some flavors (Pure - Aged - Caramelada - Gabriela and others) and the cassava Flour House where we will be able to know all the steps for its artisan manufacture.
Lunch stop:
There are two options:
1) the Villa Verde restaurant - a pleasant environment surrounded by Pereque-açú river where the tourists will be able to take a bath in natural swimming pools and to appreciate the nature of the place together with an excellent meal
2) the Murycana Farm - an old farm of the XVIII century, with its still of cachaça and the large house preserved with furniture and antiquity. The typical meal of the farm (Feijoada, “Pig the Puruca”, chicken with medium brown gravy and others) and its character make it an unforgettable place.
The Bromélias Exposition - a very exotic point of rare beauty that has more than 400 different types of bromélias and orquídeas. This stroll can be combined with a walk in the bush and a preserved stretch of the Path of the Gold where we will come back to the past passing for the rocks sidewalk for the Portuguese and Slaves in century XVIII loading gold, precious spices, silk and rocks that came later from Minas Gerais to be taken for Portugal.

Vehicles used during the stroll:
Land Rover Defender and Toyota Bandeirantes 4x4, prepared for any terrain in any situation.
Accompaniment of specialized guides.
We organize expeditions for other places in the region, as City of Wedge, Pico of the Macela, Indígena Community Araponga and others.
The stroll includes: transport - the use of binoculars - water - bullets - motion guides specialized.


Trindade Beach

Regular Departs:11h00 
Duration: 06 hours

Trindade is a fishing village with paradisiacal beaches besides to be in the National Park of Serra da Bocaina limiting wit AP of Cairuçu (Ambient protection area).
We have in Trindade its natural swimming pool which is a perfect and extraordinary for swimming. It is also a place with an interesting history because it was the place where the French and English pirates stopped when they couldn’t go to Paraty through the bay protected for the seven forts.
The departures will be from the hotel by van or minibus and it goes straight to the Trindade village.The first place visited when the paxs get there is Cepilho’s beach. It is a beautiful place for surfing and great for take pictures.
Afterwards it we go to the village visiting the beaches: Rancho’s beach, Meio’s beach and Cachadaço’s beach. The paxs can stop in each places to take pictures.
After it we follow one trail inside of the Rain Forest of 50 minutes until of the natural swimming pool of cachadaço.
Our guide will be helping over there in case some paxs has any difficult during the trail and we have another option to go until de swimming pool by a “little boat” that they can pay directly there.
The people will enjoy and take pictures of the place, swimming and then we will be ready for the back.
In the return to Paraty we can leave them directly to the hotel.
Included: mineral water + mask and snorkel


Praia do Sono Beach

Regular Departs:10h00 
Duration: 06 hours

The tour Leaves from Paraty tours office, in our van until Laranjeiras village( 40 minutes driving ) where will start a walking until Sono’s beach. During this trekking (one hour approximately), we will pass by preserved area of  the Rain Forest, inside of the APA do cairuçu ( Ambient Protection Area of Cairuçu ) where we will see different kinds of vegetation, birds, animal, water pipes. At the end of the trail we arrive to the Sono’s Beach with its great sea and crystalline waters.
The return to laranjeiras village will be made by the same trail.
Included: mineral water and insect repellent.


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