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Ouro Preto and historical cities of Minas Gerais

Founded at the end of the 17th century, Ouro Preto was the local point of the gold rush and Brazil's golden age in the 18th century. With the exhaustion of the gold mines in the 19th century, the city's influence declined but many churches, bridges and fountains remain as a testimony to its past prosperity and the exceptional talent of one of Brazil’s most famous Baroque sculptors, Aleijadinho. Ouro Preto is the largest and most homogeneous Portuguese colonial style settlement in the world. It is located 96 kilometers from the State Capital Belo Horizonte and 1150 meters above sea level. The city is a wonderful place to experience a cooler Brazilian climate in the winter, where you can walk around in the streets and just drop in where the smell of delicious food is best. Or maybe you rather prefer a nice cup of hot chocolate. In the summer you will find music or movie festivals or the whole city celebrating local festivals. So all year around Ouro Preto and the other surrounding historical cities are worthwhile to visit.

Activities & tours

  • FD Ouro Preto Walking w. lunch (8h)
  • FD Ouro Preto & Mariana w. lunch (9h)
  • FD Ouro Preto & Congonhas w. lunch (9h)
  • FD Congonhas, São João del Rey e Tiradentes w. lunch(10h)


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