Foz do IguaÇu

Come visit one of the most beautiful sculptures of nature, considered the eighth wonder of the world.

The Iguaçu National Park, which embraces the Iguaçu Waterfalls tourist complex, is a forest reserve with 185 thousand hectares of area. It's located in the Western extreme of Parana, but it spreads further to the region of the Misiones Province, in Argentina.


The reserve is one of the last vast concentrations of Atlantic Rainforest in the south of Brazil. In its area are macaws, parrots, toucans, jaguars, pumas, tapirs, deer and the animal which is the symbol of Foz; the coati, which is  protected.
In 1986 UNESCO granted the Park the title of Humankind Natural Heritage, definitely protecting the huge reserve that surrounds the Iguaçu Waterfalls.
When you visit the Iguaçu you really need a lot of space on your camera card, as every new view impresses. All the time you see these beautiful falls from different angles, and all of them are spectacular. When you go to the Argentinean side, you will get very close to the water. Near the Devil’s Throat you get all wet in the face from the sprinkle water from the biggest fall of them all.
For the ones who really want to enjoy and experience the power of the water, you have to take a boat ride. Fast speedboats with 400 horsepower each, go very close to the falls and even baptize you with a good sprinkle from one of the smaller falls.
When you are in the area, do not miss the Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam.

Activities & Tours

  • Falls - Brazilian side (3h)
  • Falls - Brazilian side - from Das Cataratas
  • Falls - Argentinian side (6h)
  • Falls - Argentinian side - from Das Cataratas
  • Falls by bicycle at the Brazilian side (FD)2 Itaipú Power Dam (Hotels)
  • Itaipú Power Dam (Hotel Das Catarats)
    - Rafain Dinner & Show - Rafain Dinner & Show (Hotel Das Catarats)
    - Rest. Tio Querido & Show
    - Rest Tio Querido & show (Hotel Das Catarats)

Additional Activities

  • Birdspark(1 ½ h)
  • Poço Preto (5h)
  • * Macuco Safari (boat trip - 2h)
  • Birding, flora and trekking (4h) - Argentina
  • Gran Aventura (boattrip - 2h) - Argentina
  • Trekking Macuco (1 1/2h) - Argentina
  • Route of pioneers (1 1/2h) - Argentina



Yacutinga Lodge

The Lodge buildings follow smoothly the natural step of the terrain and maintain harmony with the surrounding jungle. Only 4 hectares of the 570 total have been used for the facilities of the lodge and special care has been taken to use local materials, such as stone and large wood pieces gathered from naturally fallen trees, all that incoporated into the general architectural concept. The main building, which contains the reception, an indoor restaurant and a terrace bar, provides a special atmosphere enchanced by the Palmetto palm forest formation, which surrounds the whole place. The facilities consist of separate sleeping areas called "Butterflies", spread through the forest around the common areas. Each butterfly has four private suites, all with the comfort of 42 m². The suites provide accommodation with rustic details comprised of an entrance area, a bedroom leading up to the bathroom. Each suite has private facilities with 24-hour warm water.

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