In the Amazon you can witness nature’s finest show

Amazon wildlifeGiant Victoria lillies, pink dolphins, poison arrow frogs, and much more...It all unfolds before your eyes!


Malocas Jungle Lodge

The Malocas Jungle lodge is situated 160 km from Manaus on the banks of the Rio Preto da Eva, a tributary of the Amazon River. Malocas Jungle Lodge is a complex of "malocas" (indigenous houses where members of the tribe traditionally live) divided into different sectors:
Accommodation: Malocas with 12 double rooms with private bath and one honeymoon bungalow;
Restaurant: Self-service with a special touch of local flavour;
Reception/Bar: With friendly atmosphere, providing refreshments and regional drinks.
The transfer to Malocas Jungle lodge takes approximately 3 hours divided into two stages: 80 km by car to Rio Preta da Eva and then 80 km by motorized canoe down the river to the lodge.

Juma Lodge

The hotel is constructed on high stilts as the flood can be over 20m between the dry and rainy season of the year. The Lodge is totally integrated in the ecosystem of the forest, and with  little impact as possible. "The forest is the base of our business, and destroying it, will mean no business. So the whole lodge is constructed, as they say, only with materials from the forest, avoiding to introduce man-made material into the natural environment. From the big kitchen bungalow you have a nice view to the lake, and the cook is specialized in international cooking as well as local traditional plates. The lodge has 11 apartments all equipped with fan, private bathroom, hammocks and optional mini bar. Some of them are in front of the lake and others offer a view of the forest.

Amazon Clipper

Amazon Clipper Cruises has at your disposal a complete support infrastructure which provides an amazing on-board experience. In addition they will take you to places few other cruise passengers have ever seen. It's possible because the cruise groups are small and the information provided about the destination is complete. The traditional fleet is made up of  several boats with basic comfort and facilities such as air-conditioned cabins with private toilet, covered dining room with bar, library and a 360° view sundeck. The boat large and offers  spacious cabins with lower beds and inviting public spaces. However, the boat is small enough to dock at remote spots and cruise to hidden locations due to the shallow draft of only 3 feet. The shallow part allows us to visit locations inaccessible to many other boats. The outboard powered canoes are used for trips to lagoons, narrow channels, creeks and flooded forest. The "igarapes" (river creeks) and "igapos" (flooded forests) are also visited by powered canoes. During the trip you will visit the natives and see their way of life, hike in the forest, go fishing, bird watching and swim in the river. All tours depart at 2:00pm and arrive at 11:30am at the LOBBY at the Hotel Tropical in Manaus.

Amazon Clipper Traditional

The Traditional fleet is made up of several boats with similar comfort and facilities, such as the "AMAZON CLIPPER", the "SELLY CLIPPER II" and the "AMAZON ANGLER", which are Amazon riverboats with traditional lines.

Amazon Clipper Premium

For those who wish the comfort of a luxury ship, the best option is the Premium - a vessel unique in style that offers simply the best small-ship cruising in the Amazon.

Amazon Eco Park

Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge privileged location (at just one hour from the Manaus International Airport) offers clients comfort and a safe jungle experience.
The Lodge has 60 apartments distributed in 20 bungalows. Each unit has three apartments, made of concrete and wood. Each room with independent entrance, porches and bathrooms, all with air conditioning, electric showers and screened windows. The bungalows, although rustic, are pleasantly decorated and provide much comfort . The packages includes: transfers in & out, bilingual guides ( English, French, Spanish, Italian & German ), jungle activities: Night tours in canoes with opportunity of alligator spotting, nature hike, visit to the Monkey Forest, canoe tour with opportunity of fishing, visit to the natives and visit to the Meeting of the Waters.

Cristalino Lodge

The Cristalino Jungle Lodge is nestled in a private forest reserve in the Southern Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It borders the Cristalino State Park and can only be accessed by boat. It has a rustic style: the buildings are usually constructed of a mix of wood and brick with thatched or brick roofs, decorated with local furniture and crafts. The lodge has become an internationally famous destination for nature lovers of all types, in particular birders and butterfly enthusiasts, but also attracts those seeking adventure in a peaceful, exotic location.

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